Curriculum About Meth Use

It is important for us to work together to create a strong and safe community, and it starts with education.

Supporting Educators in Addressing the Meth Epidemic

The curriculum highlights the harms and risks of using meth to youth in kindergarten through Grade 8. The Stand Against Meth Campaign realizes that all illegal drugs are harmful. However, due to the rapid increase, availability and addictive tendencies of meth, along with the long-lasting harmful effects of the drug, the team prioritized the importance of providing additional education on this topic. It is encouraged to use this curriculum in addition to other AODA prevention materials.

This curriculum was developed with funds from the Substance Abuse Block Grant in partnership with CESA 10, area educators, and the Take a Stand Against Meth Campaign.

If you choose to use this curriculum at your school, please send us an email at and let us know so we can track usage and results.