Who We Are

The Take a Stand Against Meth campaign uses energy, passion, and six innovative teams to reduce the impact and presence of methamphetamines in Chippewa County communities.

Innovative Teams

While the task force will coordinate and communicate the effort, the following six teams will use a research-based approach to analyze the problem from its point of view, propose solutions, and then act to implement the solutions to begin restoring the quality of life in Chippewa County.

  • Business Community Team
  • Faith Community Team
  • School Community Team
  • Service Organization Community Team
  • Criminal Justice Community Team
  • Health & Wellness Community Team

We recognize that there are already many effective programs and services in Chippewa County. We plan on tapping that expertise as we form our innovative teams and implement solutions. It is our intent to build on existing efforts, not supplant things that are working.

Growth History & Strategy

Over the past few years, there has been a significant amount of discussion and education related to the methamphetamine epidemic in northern Wisconsin. The Northwoods Coalition has dedicated numerous resources to educate, create awareness, and encourage public and community involvement around the issue. Chippewa County has held several town hall meetings throughout the county to inform and encourage community involvement. The Wisconsin Department of Justice, Northwoods Coalition, Marshfield Clinic, and Alliance for Wisconsin Youth teamed up in 2018 to sponsor three one-day regional trainings for criminal justice professionals.

The 2019 county budget contained funding for increased social work positions as well as $25,000 to kick-start this campaign. We found partners to invest an additional $125,000 to get the campaign up and running.

Core Team > Taskforce > Innovative Teams > Chippewa County Community
Evaluate > Recruit > Train > Study > Innovation Teams > Execute

Current Campaign Goals

  • Reduce the number of meth-related referrals to the District Attorney
  • Reduce the number of children removed from their homes
  • Increase student feelings of safety as measured by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in Chippewa County


The campaign will be led by a community taskforce. The taskforce will be supported by a Core Team.

Core Team

Rose Baier
Criminal Justice Services Director & Campaign Coordinator, Chippewa County

Tim Easker
Director, Chippewa County Department of Human Services

Jeff Holmes
Superintendent, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District

Judge Steve Gibbs
Chippewa County Circuit Court

Chuck Hull
Chippewa County Board Supervisor

Chief Matthew Kelm
Chippewa Falls Police Department

Randy Scholz
Administrator, Chippewa County

Aaron Sturgis
Pastor, Central Lutheran Church

Charlie Walker
Director, Chippewa Economic Development Corporation

Angie Weideman
Director, Chippewa County Department of Public Health

Diana Hartman
Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Peck
Communication Chair

Michelle Harings
Community Member

Jeanne Walsh
UW-Madison Human Development & Relationship Educator