Facts + Figures

Chippewa County has a drug problem. Since 2015, there has been a ...

256% increase in meth-related referrals to the district attorney

What this means: More meth use means more crime and more victims.

193% increase in out-of-home placements

What this means: More tax dollars will be needed for these placements.

50% increase in referrals to Child Protective Services

What this means: More children are removed from unsafe, unhappy homes.

Chippewa County spends more on drug-related healthcare than any other county in Wisconsin.

These changes have real consequences for all citizens of Chippewa County. The presence of methamphetamines in our community is sapping the resources of government, schools, businesses, individuals, and our faith community.

$725,000 is Chippewa County's budget for meth-related issues.

Drug of Choice of Those Jailed in Chippewa County

50% of the people in jail in Chippewa County use meth.

Children Removed from Their Homes Because of Meth in Chippewa County

Graph over the last five years