Our innovative teams are working together to fight the meth problem in Chippewa County. As a result, we are always brainstorming, researching, and implementing ideas that will help solve this issue. Visit often to stay up-to-date.

By coming together, we can curb the meth problem and start improving our community.

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Our Goals

Reduce the number of meth-related referrals to the District Attorney

Reduce the number of children removed from their homes

Increase student feelings of safety as measured by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in Chippewa County

Current Action Planning

Create opportunities for anonymous tip line and education related to reporting:

  • Videos and how to guides
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Magnets, posters, resources to aide people in reporting activity, fridge cards that ask questions
  • Reporting resources for truck drivers, high traffic areas
  • Posters, brochures in break rooms etc.
  • Provide community education county-wide

Faith and service organization involvement in:

Jails, youth programs, NA/AA, and foster care recruitment

Education and buy-in from businesses related to:

ACES, drug trends, working with people in recovery and treatment, hosting NA/AA meetings, and job coaching



Ongoing  Presentations
Completed numerous presentations related to the campaign to service groups, organizations, and stakeholders

Ongoing  Distributed Articles
Distributed articles related to the campaign and published in newsletters, sent to stakeholders, volunteers, etc.

July 2021  Community Presence
Began volunteering as a campaign at various community events including Agnes Table, National Night Outs, Parades

June 2021  Legislative Sit-Down
Met with Representative Jesse James along with volunteers from the campaign and people with lived experience to share stories, needs etc. Invited to Madison to discuss further.

May 2021  Crime Stoppers
Began process for creating a Crime Stopper in Chippewa County to help with prevention and education of the community

May 2021  Action Planning
Post pandemic action planning with core team and volunteers to refine next steps

February 2020  Dollar Dazzle Fundraiser
Participated in a fundraising event for the campaign

January 2020  Volunteer Sub-Committee
Formed a volunteer sub-committee and appointed a volunteer chair to assist with this task

November 2019  Community Kick-Off Events
Met with 300 community members at various events to provide education, discuss campaign goals and receive feedback, suggestions, and questions

October 2019  State Opioid/Meth Summit
Sent four volunteers to the state Opioid/Meth Summit with grant funds

October 2019  Website
Created this website to provide information, resources, and education

October 2019  Documentary
Created a documentary in partnership with WQOW which was introduced at community events and placed on the website

September 2019  K9 Cards
Each law enforcement department created K9 cards and placed logo on back for promotion

September 2019  Business Cards for County Tip Line
Created tip line cards to hand out to the public to promote "see something, say something"

September 2019  Hidden in Plain Sight Room
Purchased an educational Hidden in Plain Sight Room with grant funds to use at community events to promote education

September 2019  Brochures, Yard Flags, and Pens
Created brochures and disbursed yard flags to support the campaign

September 2019  Adverse Childhood Experience Trainings
Hosted two community trainings related to ACES andresiliency

June 2019  Taskforce Chair Trainings
Held trainings for taskforce team chairs