Our innovative teams are working together to fight the meth problem in Chippewa County. As a result, we are always brainstorming, researching, and implementing ideas that will help solve this issue. Visit often to stay up-to-date.

By coming together, we can curb the meth problem and start improving our community.

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Current Campaign Goals

Reduce the number of meth-related referrals to the District Attorney

Reduce the number of children removed from their homes

Increase student feelings of safety as measured by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in Chippewa County

Right now we are working on...

Assembling Skilled Teams

Volunteers will be assigned to teams based on their passion and expertise. Teams are organized by the following skill sets: business, faith, school, service organizations, law enforcement, and health and wellness. Are you ready to help? Join a team.

Analyzing and Taking Action

Each team will conduct a research-backed analysis of the meth problem in Chippewa County then propose and act on a unique solution. It is our intent to build on the existing efforts that organizations in the community have already implemented, not supplant things that are working.