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You know methamphetamine. It's a powerful stimulant with destructive effects. But did you know that it's rampant here in Chippewa County?

The numbers tell the story: Meth-related referrals to the district attorney have risen 256% since 2015. This affects all of us—from Chippewa Falls and Bloomer to Holcombe and Boyd.

You can help. Learn how you can take a stand against meth in Chippewa County.

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By working together, we can improve our community.

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Chippewa County & Meth Usage

Methamphetamine is intensely addictive, and it affects the brain and body. Meth users are often aggressive, paranoid, and delusional - spelling harm for people around them.

Chippewa County has seen a massive increase in meth use in the last four years, and it's tearing families apart.

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Who We Are

Chippewa County has proven that it can overcome adversity. Our people come together in the wake of tragedy and natural disasters. During every crisis we've faced, we've demonstrated that we will always help our neighbors.

The Leaders in Chippewa County see the power in this civic-mindedness, and they're recruiting the community to help take a stand against meth.

Learn more about who we are, our mission, and our strategy.

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In case you missed it, tonight we were in Chippewa Falls for the second Community Kick-Off event.

• 256% increase in meth-related referrals to the DA
• 193% increase in out-of-home placements
• 50% increase in meth-related referrals to CPS

We need you.

The next event is on November 4th at 5pm in Stanley!

Join us to Take a Stand Against Meth!

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“Despite thinking it is not possible; there are many people who have recovered from meth addiction, including myself. Most people will not discuss their previous addiction due to the heavy stigma. For me, my path to wellness included finding a healthy support system, giving back to my community, and a daily meditation practice. Having a network that accepts me how I am and is invested in my success has been paramount in my ability to survive meth addiction.“

Sarah Ferber, Associate Director of EXPO-Statewide

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